Content editors, the forgotten Drupal users pt.2

A while ago I wrote a post on Content Editors being the forgotten Drupal user, and how we could improve their experience. Well it's been over a year now and, as with anything online, things have changed and new stuff has appeared or been found. So here's a few extra modules that I think can improve the CMS users experience of Drupal.

Adminimal and Adminimal Menu

For an admin theme this is absolutely stunning. Its minimalist design, use of icons and colours make using the CMS vastly more enjoyable than before. Based on the original seven theme everything is where you expect it to be so simply install and enjoy.

Check out screenshots over at the demo site.

Download the theme and menu over at Drupal.

Module Filter

As sites get bigger finding and installing modules can be bothersome, enter Module Filter. A module that does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to filter the list of modules available allowing you to find what you need/want quicker and easier.

Download it here.



Workbench adds a way for users to more easily manage content, adding tabs to view the current users content, all content and create content. This means the user only has to look in one place to successfully manage their site content.

A collection of additional modules can extend workbench further to manage media, and introduce content moderation.

Download it here.

Media 2.x

Image and file management in core has never been Drupal's strong point, but vast improvements have been made. Media 2.x allows users to reuse files and images across the site, showing only the current users uploads or all uploads. It's a big push in the right direction and can only improve.

Download it here.

Google Map Field

Adding a map to a node is a common request, with the addition on this module editors are able to add a latitude and longitude via a map they can interact with. This gives editors an immediate visual cue and allows them to make adjustments if needed. 

Download it here.

These are just a few extra modules you can use to make the life of your content editors easier, as before, it will depend on the site and its requirements as to what you can do and how worth it is. If there is anything you've used that's made your CMS life easier let me know!